Tuesday, 18 March 2008

house update

so for those who want to know...
the retaining wall is done and the front steps are fixed. they have to re-point the house but soon the mason stuff will be done. finally, a check by somethings name!

i have hired jennifer fowler to be my architect. she is going to draw-up plans for the upstairs bathroom, the kitchen and then the basement. i am excited to have some plans and to be able to move forward with all of that.

the HVAC team will start on monday. there are still some questions and i am hoping that there might be people out there in the know who might want to comment an answer, or shoot me an email.

my dilemma is about domestic hot water. i am planning to get a Munchkin Boiler. i have also been planning to get a tagaki flash hot water heater. apparently the munchkin boiler can also heat up my water. so i have to decide if i want my boiler to do all my water heating, or get the flash. my concern with just doing the boiler is that i don't use the boiler in the summer. arg, these decisions are making me crazy.

also, please keep in mind that i am planning to have a solar thermal system installed. so i am not sure what is really best. i have too many options and i am confusing myself. i am not sure that libras should ever have this many decisions to make!

another decision is the kitchen. i have to figure out how to heat the kitchen. ron, the hvac man, has suggested a runtal radiator (as i am keeping radiator heat in the house). they are used a ton in europe, but not so much here. the upside is that they are super efficient and also small, so it will just fit behind the door. i think it could be cool looking. i was thinking of doing a more period (to the house) radiator (like a bathroom sized one) but i think it might take up too much space. since the kitchen will be modern anyway, the runtal might actually look cool. and they come in all these colors.

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deidra said...

I like the work of your architect. It sounds like things are coming along nicely. I would be paralyzed with all of those choices and decisions!