Tuesday, 22 September 2009

born and bred

so cheryl was looking up "teabelly's boss" to see if st. helen would come up . . . and lo and behold we found this little gem . . .

i think my parents are going to be the most surprised by this whole thing...

You are missing Obama's agenda - and that is perpetuation of the Bush admin agenda. Not only has Obama strengthened the faith-based and (newly named) neighborhood partnership offices throughout all of the govt agencies, he is actively embracing the agenda of the fundies and evangelicals.

Kimberly Konkel, a Bush holdover director at HHS (who not coincidentally, is LDS born, bred and educated - as was Mike Leavitt, the prior HHS sec who pushed through the abstinence only crap and the midnight conscience clause rules which would deny countless women essential healthcare education and reproductive health care), stated that not only are there no operational definitions of the terms, faith-based, community and neighborhood, there are no eligibility criteria, no metrics for stated goals and no evaluative criteria for effectiveness and even identifying what targeted patient outcomes are, let alone meeting them. It's a snake oil salesman's paradise.

Obama has already created a 25 member advisory board stocked with right wing fundie fanatics.

And it's all of Obama's making.


you can read the whole link here

this just goes to show how little you can actually trust blogs. :)

for the record, leavitt is not a cougar. and i don't sell snake oil, i sell worm poop. sheesh!

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