Friday, 13 March 2009

Saturday, 7 March 2009


Kiva - loans that change lives

this morning i got an email from KIVA, i had forgotten that last year i had loan $50 to a couple of people in kenya. i checked it out, and i had $26.50 paid back. so, i decided to reloan.

i chose Grupo Mujeres Con Futuro, they are pictured below. i decided that i want to give gifts to people who are in places i might get to visit. and i figured the dominican republic might be worth banking on. also, one of the women is going to use the money to build her nail salon business. i figure, it might be cool to go get my nails done in the D.R. next year.

if you have never done this, it is pretty fun. kiva as a remarkable reputation and has really revolutionized microfinance, by making it possible for microlenders (like me) to give micro amounts to people all over the world.

check it out.

p.s. i know i owe a last blog on india. this weekend sometime i am planning . . .