Sunday, 29 November 2015

End Corruption by Making them Live in It

I grew up in a firefighting family.  My father and my uncle were firefighters. They lived and worked in different cities.

If my dad had wanted to work for my uncle's fire department, we would have had to move.  The rule was, you have to live within 15 minutes of the station, and you had to live in the city you served.

Seems to me that if each police and fire station in America followed this policy, heaps of the injustices we see would immediately be solved.

Living in DC where you our budget is decided by Californian, Virginian, and Marylander politicians, I'm sick of this odd tyranny.  Have we allowed American democracy to become by the outsider to control the oppressed?  What happened to by the people for the people?

Let's look locally at policies that allow people from outside our communities to police, govern, and/or "protect".  If we bring governance back to the community, we will solve a host of problems.