Tuesday, 29 June 2010

what if

We had the navy blow up the "deep horrizon" BP well, like clinton suggested, and then dump all of the rubble from haiti (port au prince) onto it.

I've wondered for months what we are going to do with aLl that rubble. I've worried that no matter what we do it is going to effe whereever it lands. I was hoping some structural engineer or material engineer would figure out a way to repurpose (I'm still hoping that this will be a possiblity). But this deep water environment is already pretty messed up, and maybe t'would help save some coral or some random deep water fish with enormous eyes.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

lamb to slaughter

Tomorrow is eagleman. It is my first half ironman (& stands a good chance of being my last). I'm sitting in Oxford, MD at the Sandaway bed & breakfast, enjoying the sound of the wave lapping on the beach. Its so relaxing. Then a wave of butterflies hits my stomach and I realize I have to wake up @ 5 tomorrow morning and get to the race. My start time is 7:45 am. Then I have about 6.5 (but probably more like 7) hours of exercise.

Taken separately, the half ironman is doable. Tho, I've never run 13.1 miles. I'm just not so sure how it works to put them all together.

Its a completely different game. You have to figure out how to get about 150-200 calories and hour into your body. Then how to keep you body moving for 7 hours.

I just keep thinking,tomorrow at this time it is over. And that will feel great.

I will have photos and stuff up monday (I'm spending the day at spaworld). Take a swim, ride a bike, to do a little jog tomorrow, and send your good energy my way.