Tuesday, 21 December 2010

lunar eclipse of the heart

i'm pretty stoked about tonight at 3:17am EST. it will be the first time since december 21, 1638 that a lunar eclipse has happened on the winter solstice.

i think it must mean something. some complete realignment of the world and its relationship to the universe. honestly, it feels like so much is in motion. this year has just been so screwy. i feel like my life has been in this weird snow globe, and somebody just picked it up and shook it around. and the even weirder part is, i have lots of people in my life whose snow globes got totally shaken up this year.

so do you think with this crazy alignment of a lunar eclipse on the winter solstice will bring everything back to some order? i kinda do. i know that might sound straight out of the "age of aquarius" or something. but i'm serious. srsly. the earth, moon, and sun will all be in some crazy perfect line tonight just as the earth is tilted farthest away from the sun (at least in the northern hemisphere). it also tho means that the earth will be starting to turn back towards the sun (am i alone in seeing this symbolism people??).

the days are going to start getting longer. thank heavens! (get it) and i have to say, i am SO ready to stop waking up before the sun rises and watching the sun set from my office.

so, why isn't the 21st the new year? it seems like the winter solstice should be the night we celebrate the beginning of a new year. because that is when, cosmically and astrologically, everything starts to change. so why do we wait for an additional 10 days to celebrate it? that's dumb. i know people want to have christmas before new years, just because that is what we are used to. but it could be cool to have a new year and then have christmas . . . i wonder if it would be less commercial?

so, how did "they" decide that the new calender would start on the day 10 days after the solstice? i mean, if "they" are also able to make us spring forward and fall backward, couldn't they just adjust the calender and say something like "hey everyone we made a 10 day error on this calendar thing. so, we are going to just adjust everything by 10 days. yes, it may feel like you are missing 10 days, but don't worried you will still get paid for the hours worked AND if your birthday falls in that 10 day adjustment period, it means you are extra special and therefore get to take the day off" or something. but we could just move the calendar so that january 1 actually matched up with the rotation of the earth . . . moving it back 10 days. and then things like that would be easier to remember. and it would mean that the summer solstice would happen 3 days before independence day (for americans) . . . which would mean we would wait even longer for the fireworks . . . do you think that is the reason they moved it back 10 days?

anyway, i'm just saying that everything is going to line up tonight. we will all awaken to a newly aligned world. and i think we are all going to feel a sense of stability &/or peace.

this would post would not be complete without the following video:
turns out they don't like you embedding this for some reason. so you have to go to this link
but really, you have to!!!!

it should also be known that both of my cats have now jumped into the bath tub with me at least 3 times each. and they are starting to like it more and more. lola lasted 10 seconds tonight. one time, coco just really embraced the bath after i got out and it was all hers. i think they might have left their mother too early and now think in order to please me they have to be swimmers. i love them for who they are . . . but i think maybe they are swimming cats. who knows.