Sunday, 29 November 2015

End Corruption by Making them Live in It

I grew up in a firefighting family.  My father and my uncle were firefighters. They lived and worked in different cities.

If my dad had wanted to work for my uncle's fire department, we would have had to move.  The rule was, you have to live within 15 minutes of the station, and you had to live in the city you served.

Seems to me that if each police and fire station in America followed this policy, heaps of the injustices we see would immediately be solved.

Living in DC where you our budget is decided by Californian, Virginian, and Marylander politicians, I'm sick of this odd tyranny.  Have we allowed American democracy to become by the outsider to control the oppressed?  What happened to by the people for the people?

Let's look locally at policies that allow people from outside our communities to police, govern, and/or "protect".  If we bring governance back to the community, we will solve a host of problems.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

peace is the future

hello family, friends, fellow tigers & cougars, missionaries, cajuns, truthseekers, healers, spiritual warriors, and fellow earthlings,

i've returned to this blog to declare that i believe peace is possible.

i believe that it must now be declared and created.  i believe that each of us must create peace within ourselves and within our homes.  i've spent years in deep healing and have learned that love and peace are self-generative. that humans have the ability to love and eventually find peace, no matter what.  frankl wrote the truth when he declared that “those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how'.” especially, when the 'why' is to be loving and declare peace.

if you know me, calm and tranquility might not be the first things that come to your mind when you think of me.  i'm kinda frenetic.  i interrupt.  when i get excited i do happy dances and prance.  i've been known to skip the entire Mall.  but when i'm feeling passionate about something, you know it and i feel angry/passionate a Lot these days so ... calm, peace, tranquility, prolly not the 3 top words you'd choose for me.  i'd like them to be.  and i believe they can.

i think that if i start with 2 things i can bring peace and love into my life and by so doing add mine to the well that is growing and will eventually push us over the edge into compassionate, whole, peaceful society.


  1. every day i begin my day in meditation/prayer/yoga/garden walk/swim/danceparty that helps me find and connect with love.  it might be God-love, cat-love, plant-love, hope-love ... sometimes i trying and think about what i love about this world and i hope to learn to be able to identify things i love about myself and figure out how to do that self-love thing.  i am trying to be intentional about really experiencing and savoring the things that i love. when i see the deer, i let myself get all the way excited like i used to.  when the flower shows up purple and i'm surprised, i spend time meditating and really savoring that surprise.  i also let the plant know how grateful i am that she gave me such joy.  i really trying to feel and express gratitude and generosity.  i believe that if i'm generous with the world, the world will be generous back.  we all need different things.  right now, i think i demand a bit more patience than most people ... i can't tell.  so, i feel like i require patience, so i'm trying to be cognisant of it.  require less when i recognize it.  thank people when they give it.  and look at myself a bit more to see, what is going  on.

    so long and short of 1 is ... spending time really being myself and letting myself experience.  through introspection, prayer and meditation i hope that i can learn to be the parts i love and let go or repurpose the parts that no longer are serving me well.
  2. i am creating space in my house where contention is not allowed. i have a small room where i do yoga.  it is my spiritual pace.  no one is really allowed in there but me and people i love and trust.  only the best of feelings can be felt in the yoga room, if you are sharing it with me.  i'm allowed to go in there naked and angry.  but i'm the only one.  only my anger or darkness can be there.  guest can only enter with an abundance of light. when i go in angry or whatever, i work hard to blow and rid my body and then the room of that yucky energy ... and it works.  so there are plants and it smells good.  there are yoga mats and props a wall of windows that in the mornings let's in the sounds of school ground play and early birds ... and there really is peace.
it seems as though many people are already doing this. i'm telling you today because i'm really desperate for peace and want a grand healing to occur.  i'm so tired of feeling like everyone is looking at me suspiciously, like i'm up to something.  i'm tired of my intentions being questioned: it is so offensive it makes me want to spit! i'm sick of being misunderstood and stigmatized.  i'm sick of being oppressed and ignored.  i'm sick of being lied to and lied about. i'm sick of seeing little ones hurt at the hands of their parents, a police-state, or a system built to concentrate wealth into the hands of those who already hold it.  and i really think we don't have to.

i believe that we have the power to change it and that doing this is the path, at least for me.

namaste ;)