Sunday, 14 August 2016

DIY Pro-tip:
When you are drilling holes in tile (ceramic or porcelain) make sure to:
* Use tape to mark the spot. I put tape over where I want the hole and then use a marker to mark the exact place. The tape will keep your bit from moving around ... as they are want to do sans tape.
* also use a tap tool to tap in the holes first with a hammer. giving your bit a starter hole to latch onto make a world of difference.
* use carbide tipped bits (or diamond -- but that seems excessive)
* go slow -- do not use the fast setting. go as slow as possible. too much heat will make your tile crack. friction = heat so .. go slow and low torque
* take a couple of breaks and wipe the whole with a wet sponge. this will keep the hole clear of debris, but more importantly will keep the tile cool -- so as not to crack.