Sunday, 6 April 2008

kitchen and compost

so this weekend betsy, jennie, and holly helped me destroy my kitchen and get my composter set up. i can't even begin to tell you how sore i am today. holly is complaining about the same thing. there are muscles in my forearm that i forgot all about, they are killing me. i am going to the sauna soon to soothe these hurty muscles. but i am very pleased with all that we got done, and i can't say thank you enough to jennie, betsy, and holly! but i will say it again . . . THANQQQQQQ!!!!!!!!

this is video of betsy getting the stupid wall down. we really worked and worked to get this stuff out.

i have wanted these pillars gone since day one and now they are.

the exuberant triumph over the pillar
betsy has a story to add about the other pillar.
i am hoping she will be a guest blogger and share it.

you know how people are always talking about how hard it must of been for Michelangelo to paint the Sistine chapel. i have an all new appreciation of how hard that must of been.

for most of the day holly worked outside getting the composter dug under the deck.
while i tore the the ceiling out of the kitchen (i need to go back and get photos).
holly dug a HUGE hole for this composter and seriously did such a great job.
she says she loves digging holes, so i think i am going to hire her for all my hole diggin needs.
i think she thinks she is part of the american portrait here...

this photos is for heather. i am going to get you measurements tomorrow. promise.

now, for those of you interested in what the new kitchen is going to look like. the photos below are the cabinets i am going to have installed in the kitchen. i will have bamboo butcher block counter tops with just a bit of a icestone counter in a blue (seen to your right)

i am going over to the house now and will take a photo of the kitchen with all the destruction and post it later...


Dianna said...

You have some of the greatest friends in the world. I can't believe these ladies helping you so much!!

Amy G. said...

i love the video...jonah did too. it may have given him some ideas though :) love the new cabinets you picked out.