Wednesday, 14 October 2009

i heart roma

i have photos, but i don't have time to post them. i just want to say, i love roma!!!!

actually, i just love italy. i think i have gained 10 pounds since i arrived on sunday. i just am not going to be conservative about eating here. that is definitely a VERY BAD IDEA. i am sure when i am not eating bufolo mozzarella, pasta, risotto, pizza, pistachio gelato, triamsu, pasta, all day long, everyday, the extra pounds will just fall off :).

some things i have learned here:

  • positano is crazy awesome. so is the whole amalfi coast.
  • there is a random italian man in st. lucia italy who knows every single word to "knowing me, knowing you" by abba, and he sings it pretty loudly, with headphones on, off key, in front of the duomo.
  • if you can't sleep, don't pour 1.5 bottles of (hotel sized) body wash and then add a bottle of shampoo to your jacuzzi bath, even if they smell REALLY REALLY good. it makes about a foot of bubbles in about 3 minutes and you have to turn off the jets.
  • there isn't bad food here, so don't stress about where to eat.
  • people can kinda figure out what i am saying when i speak my horrible spanish to them.
photos to come . . .

one more thing . . . thanks olympia for making health care reform bipartisian. ;)

(i really hope we don't get rid of the public option for one vote . . .)

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HillTopStar said...

I 'heart' Italy too!

I was there in February and it was the best. Enjoy!