Wednesday, 7 July 2010

not a very welcome home

I got home from california last night with an upset stomach and a sinus infection. My double whammy turned into a triple when I realized there were no lights on my street. Power was out.

It was about 87 degrees. I stayed home from work sick. I had hoped to get some restful sleep in my own bed but no luck . . . Its just too hot.

The electricity is still out. This is the third consecutive night that there has been no power in my neighborhood.

I've tried my ANC Commisioner, my councilman and the mayor. No one has done anything. Councilman Thomas keeps sending emails from his iPad about how he is working around the clock to ensure emergency people are helping those most in need. He says nothing about communicating with Pepco or anything.

This has happened each year for 4 years. I believe Pepco doesn't do anything b/c the powers that be believe Ward 5 has no political voice.

There are Pepco service teams working right now in Georgetown and in other Northwest neighborhoods, but they aren't working here. I believe they do this because they can. Because we don't demand more.

I would love it if you would call 2025255970 and tell them you are concerned. It is Mayor Fenty's re-election committee. It seems like if he wants the vote, I want to give to him, he should fight on my behalf.

Thomas has been super lame, just cutting and pasting responses. If you have his phone number, please send it my way.

I have the eagleman race report writen, I just need the electricity so I can get on the internet and post it.

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