Friday, 10 September 2010

this may go without saying

but i always have to learn things by experience/experiment. so i had a control study to identify the best fat to use when making chocolate cookies. well, i only used two different kinds of fats: butter (obvio) & bacon grease.

now, one could wonder how this experiment was conceived, so i will share just a bit of background. i've recently re-discovered that bacon is really the mystery ingredient to many delicious dishes: pizza, pasta, deviled eggs, salad . . . i could go on.

i mean its bacon. which was so powerful, it weakened my friends kath's full vegetarianism. she would say, "i'm a vegetarian, but i eat bacon". i'm not too sure how that really worked out for her but in the end, i realized she was right. because BACON!

i digress, so while i was making deviled eggs with bacon, i thought, maybe this would go well with chocolate chip cookies. part of the magic of the chocolate chip cookie is the salty/sweet combo and since bacon is salty . . . this could be really good.

the problem was i didn't have enough bacon for that. but i did have a bunch of bacon grease. so . . . an idea was born. i was pretty excited. like i might be unlocking the secret to even better chocolate chip cookies, which is the holy grail to at least a few people out there.

well, its not that good. butter is a MUCH better fat for cookies than bacon.

though i can tell that the addition of actual bacon pieces might be good (and there are quite a few recipes and even websites dedicated to this idea . . . google it)

so there you have it. stick with butter (get it?) for chocolate chip cookies . . .