Thursday, 26 May 2011

elizabeth warren

senate republicans are threatening to block ANY appointee to head the new "Consumer Financial Protection Bureau" with a bunch of weird rules that steal money from tax payers and serves the richies on wall street. basically they are setting up a system that insures that one guy is gets FILTHY rich on the backs of 10,000 people.

president obama has nominated elizabeth warren to head the agency, but she can't get a hearing (watch this to see just how UNFAIR some congressional hearings are to her. spoiler alert the chair of a congressional committee calls her a liar).

barney frank called the republican move "the worst abuse of the confirmation process i've ever seen" and added, "what it clearly says is that the president will have to make a recess appointment."

i agree.

this is m favorite elizabeth warren interview ever . . .

Senate Republicans are threatening to block any appointee to head the new Consumer Financial Protect Bureau unless it is watered down to serve Wall Street interests.

Representative Barney Frank called the Republican move "the worst abuse of the confirmation process I've ever seen" and added, "What it clearly says is that the president will have to make a recess appointment."

I agree.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee has written a letter to President Obama supporting Warren's recess appointment, and it's been signed by top academics and other progressive organizations.

It's a great letter -- with a message I wholeheartedly support. Can you join them and sign the letter yourself?

Click here to add your name to the letter asking President Obama to appoint Elizabeth Warren -- then send this email to friends.

Monday, a banking leader who once called Warren the "Antichrist" said his initial impressions were wrong and urged a recess appointment. We have momentum, President Obama is paying attention, and an outpouring of national support will make a big difference.

Since the president appointed Elizabeth Warren to set up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau she has proven she can stand up to Wall Street. Now, it's time for a permanent leader to be appointed and, because Republican senators have vowed to block anyone, it's up to President Obama to use his power constitutional power to bypass Republicans and make a recess appointment.

Academics who know Elizabeth well -- like Lawrence Lessig and Dean Baker -- as well as prominent progressive organizations of all stripes like Democracy for America, Democracia, CREDO Action, the Sierra Club, VoteVets, MoveOn, and others have signed on to the PCCC's letter. Even Wall Street folks who support reform have signed on.

Can you add your voice to theirs? Click here to sign the letter.

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