Wednesday, 15 June 2011

isabel's tips for dating guys

i ended up talking to my 9-yr old neice isabel today. she told me a story about a boy she has a crush on at school and how scared she is about it. so i told her some dating story that prompted her to give me the following advice (she apparently doesn't have much confidence in my dating abilities . . . i'm taking tips from my 9-yr old neice hoping on the next go around i get things closer to right.)

isabel's tips for dating guys

  1. what you want to do, is you don't want to act too weird. you want to be funny. just be really funny. but you can't be so funny that he can't be funny too. guys like to be the leader of the female. you want to ask him questions, to make him feel because that will make him feel like he is leading. it will make him feel good.
  2. you don't want to be known as kinda dumb. you want to be knows as cleaver. you want to do cleaver jokes. don't look like a brainaic but also not dumb. a good cleaver joke is an inside joke
  3. first dates should not be formal. don't go to fancy restaurants, go to normal places. go to an aquarium for your first date and just wear normal clothes. if you get too dressed up and too formal, then he will feel kinda pushed. if it is casual then it takes the pressure off. then later when do you go to a fancy restaurant then both of you will be ready to be dating.
  4. on special occasions, like when you go to a fancy restaurant, you don't want to look like you tried too hard, you just want to look really hot and awesome . .. just throw your clothes on and run a comb through your hair, and throw on some earrings. you don't want him to think you care about your looks too much
  5. and, aunt teabelly, for you, its really important that you introduce them to your cats. then he can see the soft and nurturing you are; fast.
maybe this song will help too (it is the year of love after all):


One said...

I love this.

Annie said...

too cute! wow, she IS wise. :)

Amy G. said...

go isabel!