Sunday, 26 February 2012

Called to Serve

this movie came out just before i became a missionary. it felt like a documentary of a life i wanted.  "i just  caught on fire like i never thought i could.  i just caught on fire." the unity, the sense of purpose, the acceptance, it all was just an amazing experience.  look at us, we are like hogwart students getting ready for our big adventure.

i read the tolkien series just before my mission.  there was a part in it (that i actually marked in blair's awesome hardback copy) that said something to this effect:  'when you go in search of something, you always find something, it just might not be the something you were looking for'. my mission made that principal make so much sense!  with out further ado ...  Called to Serve  -- big hud to brother merrill who figure out that the best part of mormonism was happening right in front of our eyes ;)

for those reading this for class ... please journal your feelings about how missionary work, however you want to define that, has impacted your life.  remember, this is all just for self discovery.  i will never read your journals.  i may ask you to share them, but that's all.  this part is just for you ;)

its mostly me just journalling myself. ;)

also, shout out to dave there on the front row ;)

and dear dear franz, if you are out there!  i lost your email address when we ran into each other at LAX, but i'd love to hear how you are.  i talk with dave and tris lately, seems like maybe we need a reunion?  20 years ... coming up ... wild!

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