Tuesday, 20 March 2012

mothers of the stripling warriors?

here is some awesome journalism about actual things happening in the world ... like the making the world nuclear-free south of the US border.  every country south of the US, starting with mexico is now nuclear-free.

also, many of the people doing this death-defying work are women. for some reason the Dept of Energy person driving with Maddow made me think of the one of the stripling warrior's mothers ...

maybe it wasn't overly trusting.  maybe ike had a longer view.

i'm sure realizing that he had the power to blow up the world was terrifying.

resolution requires diplomacy either before or after a war.  lets never get to the "blow up the planet"option.

how do we get there ... we have to have faith that man is good and then we have to pray that man is good and work like crazy to contain the power.

but had we not shared the knowledge, evil and designing people would have eventually learned what we had learned ... as iran in near to learning ... and might have used the force.

i think it was bold diplomacy that really punctuates the american belief that all men are created equal with unalienable rights and that democracy is the most humane form of government.  the more people know, the safer we all are.

easy stuff to say, but when the stakes are this high, not easy to put into practice.  but true to form, the American president does it.  first with Truman, and now Obama ;)

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