Saturday, 9 March 2013

a new economy please ;)

i believe that the current economic disaster -- the great traumatization (see chart below)  -- is due to the false assumption upon which our current economic system is built.

locke believe that man was inherently greedy, which recently learned is scientifically false.
he was probably doing the best he could do and had his reasons for his worldview.  one might be that man was more selfish back then. possibly, we have evolved to higher and higher degrees of species-wide altruism that we've hit a new tipping point making the species itself altrustic (the majority of the time).  this would only have happened because love was adaptive (check out the video below, i think it shows that love is adaptive): regardless, the good news is that we are inherently altruistic.

i got from NPR, for more info go to: here
without poking fun at the B- system we currently ride,  here are some facts upon which any new economic system might be built:
  1. tabula rasa is false: we are endowed with ancient/instinctual knowledge (and rights)
  2. we are one of the few animals that divide labor
  3. we are mimetic animals: "From childhood men have an instinct for representation, and in this respect, differs from the other animals that hs is far more imitative and learns his first lessons by representing things. And then there is the enjoyment people always get from representations. What happens in actual experience proves this, for we enjoy looking at accurate likenesses of things which are themselves painful to see, obscene beasts, for instance, and corpses. The reason is this: Learning things gives great pleasure not only to philosophers but also in the same way to all other men, though they share this pleasure only to a small degree. The reason why we enjoy seeing likenesses is that, as we look, we learn and infer what each is, for instance, "that is so and so." If we have never happened to see the original, our pleasure is not due to the representation as such but to the technique or the color or some other such cause."  (Arist. Poet. 1448b.1)
  4. rhetoric is not truth
  5. we do better with each other than alone
maybe this is the answer?

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