Sunday, 19 January 2014

Dawn of a New Day in American Governance

I take umbrage with what Michael Aron's dismissiveness about this as just a extreme use of "political juice". The rest of the panel gave to much deference to him, someone should have pointed out that Mayor Zimmer had just demonstrated that those days of corrupt politics were supposed to be over, and that the behavior was not normal but totally absolutely abusive.

I hope most Americans believe that government works with integrity and for the their best interest. If we have lost this, then it is time to remake the government as one that does represent you, because, democracy is by the people and for the people.

This behavior is reprehensible and many who are in our very dysfunctional government live by much higher standards as evidenced by Mayor Zimmer.
May many more Mayor Zimmer's stand up against this tide of corruption!

I can't figure out how to embed iframe in blogger so instead of video here, i can only paste a link.  but check out this video ... if you know the story skip to 6:10 when the panel kicks off.  Mr. Aron makes his old timey comment there.

Deconstructing the power structure of New Jersey 
The Chris Christie bridge scandal could go beyond just a traffic jam and instead reach far into the whole power structure of the governor’s office, and the politics of New Jersey itself. Brian Murphy, Michael Aron, Josh Barro and Dafna Linzer discuss.

*whole thing smells to me of organized crime.

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