Thursday, 21 August 2014

its time for NewGov!

Inviting you to NewGov, cuz something has got to change.
NewGov makes you visible by proving to your politicians that you really are their votes, never revealing your name or address and without attending a single meeting. Then NewGov shows the world the 6 political jurisdictions where you have political power, your:
1. State (2 Senators)
2. Congressional District (1 Representative)3. State Senate District (1 State Senator)4. State House District (1 State Representative)5. Your County6. Your City
After that, every opinion you express is published to the 6 sections of your Power Zone's archive and if you like, to your Facebook and Twitter streams. So your politician can't pretend he doesn't hear your single voice, enroll just 3 neighbors in your Power Zone and repeat the power cycle.
So far they have built a new hashtag-based service:
‪#‎SNAPvote14‬. It's designed to appeal to 'tribes' of young, disenfranchised issues champions, regardless of which side of the issue they're on:‪ #‎FEMvote14‬‪#‎STEMvote14‬‪#‎IMMvote14‬‪#‎FAIRvote14‬‪#‎NETvote14‬,‪#‎VETvote14‬‪#‎SPYvote14‬‪#‎HOTvote14‬. Caution - under construction this week.
SNAPvote14 means to use your tribe's hashtag + #SNAPvote14 + a picture from your polling place. Other actions include declaring, for example, "#FEMvote14, ‪#‎PLEDGEvote14‬ zip 10010."
NewGov Foundation's GEOvoter API then displays all tweets on political maps so politicians discover they have dedicated AND YOUNG constituents with triple-digit IQs.

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