Friday, 21 November 2008

green electricity in dc

when lindsay and i lived at 1025 we signed up to have all of our electricity from from renewable sources. since the day i started pepco service to my house i have wanted to use the same green electricity. i called and asked people to help. i searched the internet. (and i am really good at using the google) and i couldn't find anything.

who knows why, but this morning i woke up and just was not going to be deterred. so i called them all, eventually i talked to a guy in the dc gov't who helped me figure it out. i am going to cut through all this red tape for you. you have more options than this, but because i am too lazy (and on a bus) i am just going to share with you what i chose.

go to pepco energy services which for some stupid reason is not at all connected to regular old pepco. here you can learn all about what is going on, what your options are, what you think might be best for you etc. then you can go here which is a direct link to residential electricity options.

there are 2 options. green energy and wind energy. i opted for just plain old green energy. it is a wee bit cheaper but still renewable.

Green Electricity is generated from renewable resources, which includes hydroelectric plants, solar panels, wind farms and biomass fuels. The generation of Green Electricity produces almost none of the pollutants commonly referred to as "greenhouse gases". These pollutants (such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide) contribute to global warming, smog and acid rain, and can result in damage to the environment.

i am a believer in the idea that we need to get our electricity from a number of sources so i think i am glad i did the green energy. tho, the wind energy description seems even better...

Pepco Energy Services is proud to offer NewWind™ Energy – electricity that is produced right here in the Mid-Atlantic region by wind farms contracted to Pepco Energy Services. NewWind Energy is pollution free, burns no fossil fuels and creates none of the emissions that are released by the generation of standard electricity.
anyway, i hope this helps some of my local dc readers to switch to a more earth friendly sources of energy. i think the more of us who switch, the cheaper the prices will get. the suppliers of this electricity will have more cash flow to invest in improvements etc. plus: economy of scale...

let me know if you switch or if you already have this type of electricity.


Birdie in DC said...

Awesome! we don't pay our utilities in our apt, so don't have this as an option, but my office is 100% wind power.

julie g said...

do you think NC offers anything like this?