Saturday, 20 March 2010

spring has sprung!

this weekend has been dedicated to getting ready to go to haiti. it has been hard to run errands! the weather is SO awesome.

so i have been spending some time in the garden. i think it helps me get ready to be in such a hard place. my garden is a place of peace for me. its also a place of wonder and awe. every year i am amazed when seeds spout up into plants. every year i worry that i am going to forget to do something and then the plants won't grow. but it is so simple, water the plants consistently . . . that is really about all you can do.

well that, and make sure you have good soil. it is the first rule of gardening -- $100 hole for a $10 tree. soil is key to everything. in fact, i would love to do some type of study to see how public health is affected by the quality of the soil the food comes from.

one of the best soil amendments is worm poop (castings). though scientists don't think they understand what is so beneficial fully, they do believe when waste is passed through the intestine of the worm, beneficial bacteria is collected in the matter.

the following photo essay -- entitled "worm wrangler" -- was a gift from gracy of houndstooth photography. (if you are interested in distinctive pet portraiture, check it out. she does not discriminate based on species or even phylum)

today i harvested worm castings

what is the deal with this worm??

we postulated that it had been cut in half and was regenerating
(if you click the above link, read the last paragraph . . . self splitting via centrifugal force?)

and if you are wondering. . . my tomato plants are doing amazingly well!
thanks for asking

this is my new psychophonic superduper winter seedling lighting spectacular
i have never had tomatoes sprout so well. :)

it is looking to be a high yield spring!

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KamilahNYC said...

wow, your garden is going to be off the hook this year! :)