Tuesday, 29 March 2011


i should be writing about a couple of things -- the book of mormon: the musical and hungary; but i want to first write about the clean program. (mostly because i don't want to think too hard.)

i've been feeling like my body needs a reset; this month is my reset! sunday, i started the clean program. the first week its basically just "a dietary protocol that removes foods and ingredients from your diet that are known to cause food allergies, food sensitivities, and disruptions in the digestive process".

it already feels good. i can't tell if its just in my head or real, but i just feel less hungry and less heavy. i don't know how to explain it. but i thought i'd introduce yall to what i'm doing. i am going to track some of the process here.

i went to the farmers market sunday and stocked up. it was cool because i eschewed my normal trappings of the cheese&bread-wallas and found a huge table of crazy mushrooms. (i will take my camera next week and get the name). so, now i've got a funky mushroom risotto to make . . . its fun to limit myself and have to explore new options in food.

its also cool because it feels like it gave me some weird permission to get yummy snacks . . . dried mangos, pepitas, gorp, etc. i wonder why i don't eat like this all the time?

the other thing the clean-program-shopping-spree brought home was calm & relaxed. i spotted the jar to the left and thought, "i need those feelings more" and bought it.

in the check out line i read that it was magnesium. magnesium! a few months ago my doctor told me my magnesium levels were low. i kinda forgot about it. but after just a couple of days of drinking it, i feel more chill. again, probably just in my head . . . but maybe not.

i read this article about magnesium, and found it super interesting. apparently most americans have low magnesium. basically what i'm trying to say is, you might want to try this stuff.

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