Friday, 11 November 2011

foundation/methodology of mormon social justice theology

my quest ;) is to discover what exactly is the "mormon position" or maybe most accuratly, what is the position that the mormon church would teach as "Christ's" on any given matter. obviously, there is no way for me to do this without REALLY ticking some people off. but i promise it is not my intent. if i write something that seems wrong, please correct me. my goal is to discover what Christ's political opinions would be for America right now.

i come at this with a ton of personal bias and a worldview i sometimes can't even see. i'm simply writing my interpretation. i'm no prophet and never have claimed to be and would never attempt to emphatically speak for God, or even translate the words of prophets for anyone other than myself. these are my PERSONAL interpretations and have nothing to do with any organization i may happen to affiliate with. basically, yoga district is not responsible for this. ;)

i will only appeal to "primary sources". i will use the entire LDS cannon and that is all. i'm defining the cannon as that which is hosted on the LDS website or written by someone who is a general authority or is historical to the church. also, i will probably break these rules. you know me ...

i'm not a historian. nor am i a theographer or theologist. i'm just a student. i'm sincerely seeking truth. i've abandoned my need to prove something as true. i'm not afraid of what i find. no matter what i discover, i will have the confidence of conviction that i'm working my darnedest to be on the Lord's side. seriously, i don't care what side he is on, i just want to be on His side.

talmage wrote in articles of faith, something like (i'm doing this from memory b/c i'm too lazy to look it up):
the condition essential to the exercise of a living, growing, sustaining, faith in diety is the consciousness on man's part that he is at least endeavoring to live the will of God, as far as he has learned it.
i take this to mean that both knowing the will of God and then really trying to live it are both essential to having the safety true confidence and faith in Christ brings. i also believe that Christ knows the way to make everyone happy. so, it seems like if i could crack the code on how he view today's political issues, i might be able to know who best to vote for.

as you know, i have been an ardent Obama supporter. this election the man i want to be president (Obama) will most likely run against a member of my faith (Romney/Huntsman). this is my attempt to decide which one is the most Christlike politician. my theology runs up against my politics? or does it? i don't know!??

i really hope people will chime in. i will keep rambling on, if not just for my own study. i know there are people out there who know

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