Sunday, 27 November 2011

Rancho Gordo News

from my favorite bean and popcorn store:

Nov-Dec 2011

Isn't this year's Christmas frenzy more pronounced than usual? Time for my annual vow, here and now, to take it easy. The focus should be friends and food. Family, if you can cope with them. There's no prize for spending too much money on presents. There's no shame in obsessing about food and making it your tribute to the season. And there's no shame in just "checking out" if you have to.

Napa is gorgeous this time of year. It's a little cold and damp but it's beautiful and there's not much better than staying home with a pot of beans, good wine and someone to break bread with.

I'm sure that you're being bombarded with news and ads so we'll keep this newsletter short.

New Item: A Year of Beans
We've been asked to do this for years and now we're ready to offer A Year of Beans. About a bag for every two weeks of the year, your shipment arrives in four deliveries and is full of our popular beans like Runner Cannellini and Borlotti but also an obscurity like Veronico, a dense pea-like bean that will only be available to A Year of Beans customers. Each delivery will also include a book and a little something extra, like our Oregano Indio or a hot sauce.

It's an extravagant gift for that bean freak in your life or it's a healthy indulgence for you. Either way, there are a lot of beans on their way.
Order A Year of Beans.

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