Monday, 5 November 2012

Mormons and Voter Intimidation?

this is not a singular experience.  others have shared on the Mormons for Obama Facebook page and at etc.  it does seem a bit oppressive.

it will be interesting to see if more of this pops up.  i know that during Prop 8, friends in California felt their temple recommends threatened for not having anti-gay marriage signs in their yard. another friend's husband gave the anti-movement money simply because he felt like it would jeopardize their social status in the ward if they didn't.

from the Mormons for Obama facebook:

This morning's seminary kinda went off the rails. Here's what I sent to our stake president, and bishop in an email: 


At this morning's seminary, (the seminary teacher) began by saying this week was going to be exciting, concluding with words that included, "and we're getting a new president!!!!". 

What followed was many of the students making loud, hateful comments towards President Obama.

With several other adults present, none of them reminded the class regarding the Church's neutrality on such comments.

What would be your counsel on such matters?

Anne and I feel this behavior is totally inappropriate for seminary and (the seminary teacher) failed to provide the proper spirit for seminary, supported by the adults in attendance (Brother xxxxx and Sister xxxxx).

The Church has been quite clear on how we are to approach political issues (page 41 of the October Ensign).

What should be the consequences of this behavior in your estimation?

Thank you>>>

My 17 year old daughter came home in tears.

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