Saturday, 3 November 2012

romney gets testy about mormonism

this video is painful to watch.  i'd kinda wish it didn't exist ... because i wish the guy running neck-and-neck for the presidency of the US should be more poised, humble, honest, and compassionate.  to me the office should be reserved for "noble and great" ones.

this video is proof of what we've all known ... romney is the kind of guy that does this.  you know the kind.

ask yourself if romney can successfully promote peace, prosperity, and hope across the world with this type of worldview.

i'm so freaked out by this video that i just have to share it so that i don't have to carry the burden of its knowledge alone anymore.  (disclaimer, i've known about it for less than 2 hours)

this is not actual mormon doctrine as i know it.  i'm sure there will be doctrinal refutations soon. i will post them i'd do it, but i'm tired, and its just way out there.

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