Wednesday, 5 December 2012

life on paper

i spend more time than i'd like to admit pondering the question, "what is identity?"  i'm convenced that we, as Sullivan postulated, "are in relationship to".  i'm maternal around some people, childish around others, organized and commanding with some, and disheveled and frustrating to others.

but still, there are aspects of my self that are constant.  i think this is true of all human beings we have our roles within aspects of self.  So we each have an emotional self; sexual self; a financial self; a work self; etc.

this month i'm focusing on my financial self.  the right brain aspects that have suffered most during my PTSD. i've been stuck for awhile, unable to figure out how or where to move.  a friend sent me a few TED talks* that helped me find my own strength to set out in the creation of a new "SuperBetter" self.

PTSD is no friend to home finances or organization ... I'm hoping my post-disordered (aka "ordered"?) self is a paragon of organization.   i've enlisted a few helpers:

  • Its Not About the Money: this book has helped me look more honestly at my relationship with money.  Understanding my approach to money has helped me identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Basically it taught me that I'm not good with money right now, so I've hired a financial advisor.  She is basically like a financial coach. First, she is helping me establish financial goals and a way to achieve them.  Plus, she knows pit falls, good deals, and ways to help me both reduce debt and increase income.  We are just starting but I can feel a big difference in my approach to my finances and office already knowing that there is a team of people wanting to help!  
  • Martha Stewart -- She didn't stop by, I just have her HomeKeeping Handbook
My goal is to know where all my important papers are within 48 hours.  Is this too much to ask? ;)

Anyway, I thought I'd share the process because I'm hoping I'm  amongst friends with ignored paperwork.  

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