Monday, 24 December 2012

dear pope

dear pope benedict,*

your binary gender construct reveals that you do not stand on a monopoly of truth.

your Christmas message reveals that you proclaim godliness with your mouth and lips, but in your heart you are not at peace.

you have failed in your duty to proclaim the Love of God. you failed to mourn with those that mourn, when so many mourn this year.  you refused to provide comfort to the comfortless.  who does that?  surely not a true representative of Jesus.

enlightened man has always known that gender is eternal.  science-informed man has recognized that gender is explained best on a continuum.  though even the continuum fails to capture the complexity of gender.

i wish you peace and repentance.  when you realize how many people those words injured, you will feel an anguish that mustn't be pleasant.  i've talked with mormon leaders after suicides.  its a very deep cry.

for those he hurt, you know deep down he is wrong.  remember, there are more of us than them.

forward in faith,
your Sister

*(i always want to add arnold after his name)

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