Friday, 8 February 2013

DC Children's Welfare Open for Comment

Public input needed for FY 2014 Children's Budget Report
The Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services and the Interim Deputy Mayor for Education are in the early stages of preparing the FY 2014 Children's Budget Report, to be released in March 2013.
One fundamental step in creating the Children's Budget Report is identifying the agencies, programs, and activities (in budget parlance) in the budget to be included in this annual report.  The Deputy Mayors would like feedback from the public on the draft list of what should be in the FY 2014 Children's Budget Report.  If you need to better understand the budget structure, DC Budget Process (PDF) explains the process and the structure, and provides some basic budget definitions.
Step 1:  Review the draft list (.xlsx or .xls) of what will be included in the FY 2014 Children's Budget Report.
Step 2:  Comment on the draft here OR edit the Excel file and email
The deadline for submitting comments is February 12, 2013.
Direct questions to Susie Cambria,
Susie Cambria
Email: Susie Cambria

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