Sunday, 24 February 2013

is this what gentrification feels like?

something weird is happening on the unit block of Q this weekend.  a steady stream of people are flowing in and out of my neighbor Bob's house.
i don't know this guy, but i still get what he is saying :)

the realtor is expecting about 30 offers ... which sounds nuts, but considering that the house across the street got 26 (???!!!), maybe its not so far-fetched.

feels like we kinda graduated to being old-timers.  our dysfunctional band has its characters, like every other band, but in the end, we pretty much take care of each other.  i really hope the good new stuff doesn't take away from this gritty neighborliness.  its the best part of living here!

on becoming an old-timer:
when i tell people that i moved in in 2008, they look at me funny.  they know the neighborhood was sketchy then.  that the market collapsed then.  turns out, surviving the end of the bush years and the recession in NorthEast DC earns you gravitas.

that gravitas is helping the neighbors come back together too.  we want to reminisce   reach out to each other.  i believe this spring thaw will run deeper than any before.  i'm hoping we can take this energy and turn into into something really new.  like a block partnership on solar energy or simply throwing a block party.

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