Saturday, 9 February 2013

Control of One's Own Body is a Pre-Req for Freedom

I've been on a bit of a hiatus.  Not really.  I've been battling my PTSD.  More on that whole saga later, but watching the clip below, I'm stuck by the irrationality and lack of forethought on behalf of these evolutionary renegades.  So much so that I've been kicked out of my silent fog.

Have the "pro-life" folks ever really considered the ramifications on "life" that their policies create?  Have they considered the species-wide ramifications of a population that forces "the weak and the powerless" to have lots of babies?  Especially, when it encourages the most successful to have few to none?

Are there fundamental neurological difference between a wanted and an unwanted child?  I imagine so.  Even just the amniotic fluid would be different if the mother was dreading the birth instead of excited.  We know that one doozy of a result is an increase in intersex children.  When adrenaline/stress levels are elevated our bodies produce more cortisol and testosterone.  In pregnant women these hormonal imbalances can create a amnionic environment out of balance, which can then lead to babies born pretty biologically confusing gender.  (We shall,  have a long conversation about flawed binary gender constructs so prevalent in modern America, but later.)

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Women around the world have handed the secrets of pregnancy termination to their daughters for millennia.  As the world melds together and we are able to take the best from each human tribe, we learn new ways for women to naturally terminate pregnancy.  Whether it is which plants to eat, or how to prepare the correct tea, or which pressure point to use and how.  

I wonder if we find this in each of the human tribes because it is part of the corpus of knowledge required to help cultures survive and progress?

Thinking of the biological and evolutionary ramifications of forcing poor/weak/uneducated women to have children they don't want seems biologically maladaptive.  Not to mention the misery of the poor unwanted (often invisible child) being on the planet always feeling like a burden on society due to a destiny for mayhem, abuse, and misery.

How can we claim that Americans are free to experience, optimize, and pursue life, liberty, and happiness, when is it possible that the government to force me to do things to my body I don't want done?

I should be able to reject anything growing in my body that I don't want.  Some being, a tumor, anything growing in my body, I should be able to get rid of.  If I can't afford it, and others want to help me, GREAT!  But be forced to do a biological task that I don't want to perform?  That can't be liberty by any stretch of the imagination.

Women are free to act for themselves and not to be acted upon, the government should uphold and protect that freedom.

The anthem for the little one's who were brought into the world by mistake, never wanted, and mostly existed as an irritant to their parents and family:

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