Wednesday, 27 February 2013

can we fire congress?

i'm having a hard time understanding why the american people continue to pay members of the house of representatives when they misrepresent most of us.

if congress continues to hold the country hostage to an ideological quest america flatly disagree's with, can we can them?

republicans only hold the speakership and majority of the House because the gerrymandered districts around the country.

the will of the people is not being represented by our congress, nor by the supreme court.  the american people seem in agreement on a number of things.  por ejemplo most of us agree that:

  • the voting rights act is something to be proud of
  • people who work 40 hours a week should not live in poverty in America 
  • every American who wants a job should get a job. (there are enough bridges to be fixed to keep everyone busy until we get bigger ideas, i'm sure.)
  • "(wo)man is free to act for him/herself and not to be acted upon"
  • an all out prohibition on automatic weapons would probably help things
  • we need an open dialogue about drones
  • marijuana should be legal and taxed like alcohol and tobacco
  • when every one has access to preventative health and mental health care the community benefits
  • all human beings have a right to life and liberty and to pursue their happiness.  all of us do, not just the 1%

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