Tuesday, 1 July 2008

car broken into

as if i need more trials in my life, my car was broken into last night.

i had bonked on a run with dianna (saw stars, got super cold but felt hot to the touch, dizzy and loopy). so i ended up spending the night at her house. her neighborhood is kinda sketchy, and seems to get sketchier. as evidenced by what happened last night. we have seen guys getting beat up, people shooting up, and had lots of crazies come by and be freaky.

apparently last night, some guy decided to break the glass on my passenger window and take my new stereo. a neighbor saw him and called the police. the police came straightaway and he ran off, only to come back later to try and get his loot. he opened my trunk and got my wetsuit and then tried to take my bike rack. thankfully, dianna's neighbor saw him doing this and called again and they arrested the guy. so he didn't get anything, but my new stereo and my window are pretty messed up.

here are some photos:

grrrrrr! i have to say, there are days when i wonder, why in the world did i buy a house in this city!!


Snowbunny in the City said...

That sucks.

KamilahNYC said...

what a nightmare. that's happened to us in brooklyn twice too. what is the matter with people?

artsy ann said...

Sorry your car got jacked up, what a dingbat to come back, but good that he did so you got your stuff back. And what's the deal with the baby toy?