Tuesday, 8 July 2008

photos of progress? at least i hope you can see progress

i am a lazy blogger. but because i have friends that want to see progress, and i think i will be glad that i am keeping some kind of "journal" of this experience, i will blog again. here is some of the progress. it is not without trial. this project is kinda a pain in the butt! AND i have to move all my furniture out of my house 26 july, so...i have a deadline. i hope the deadline pushes the contractors (and me) to get our butts in gear.

i do this super lame thing, where when i get stressed out i just pretend that the stressor is gone, or ignore it. so this house is sometimes ignored for weekends and then i panic. it is making me crazy. i have this week off of work to get stuff done. i am hoping that these photos will demonstrate that progress is being made, and hopefully by this time next week i will be able to demonstrate even more progress.

my friend christopher is coming into town this weekend to help me tile the bathroom, so that will be awesome. he is a designer with a keen eye, and into retro design, so i am pretty confident that we will come up with something spectacular.

so here goes

the kitchen cabinets
of course there is no counter
or electrical sockets
or lights
but there is progress

i am so glad the columns are gone

i am liking the color in the house

the dining room

dining room into the living room

living room
the window is stripped to get some paint
supposedly next week she will get painted


skylight, minus the lay-light

star wars turned into a closet

the closet
new attic access in my bedroom
the space above my room will one day be a yoga studio
(not commercial, just for me and friends)

the room i hope to rent
and the radiator i am stripping
(lots of stripping in this house huh?)

hallway to study


bathtub with walls around her

solar tube in bathroom covered to protect it from paint

the study

my sink

i really like these knobs
and now you know why i spent the extra money for the fancy shower facet

bedroom windows being stripped
(sheesh these naughty windows)
if you look closely you can see that the city has hung flowers from the lightpole
i hope they keep them up.
i think it is a sweet touch

the other side of star wars
this is now a nice big closet

out my bedroom door into the hall

my pride and joy

these are delicious
and i have to admit to being very boastful of these tomatoes in light of the
tomato scare of 2008
the truth is,
the whole food supply chain could be destroyed and i think i would be okay
i am more and more off that grid
take that!


and a little nasturtium flower poking out

and little acknowledgment of who we are from the city
i confess, i am glad my neighborhood has such a cute name


KamilahNYC said...

Seriously, looking soo awesome. You have made progress and I love seeing your progress. Best of luck this week!

Amy G. said...

your garden looks delish.

Annie & Doug said...

What a project! I want to come have some home grown tomoatoes! "One of two things that money can't buy; that's true love and homegrown tomatoes!"

The Slade Family said...

Hey Kim! I know it's been a while but I tracked you down...
Your house is looking cute with some serious potential! I look refinishing things but I know how much stress it causes....ahh! I'm sure you'll be glad when it's all over.
And yes...congrats on the tomatoes. That was one thing I grew in my garden too & it was so nice to feed my street during the tomato scare!