Saturday, 3 April 2010

au revior haiti

i made this today, the day after getting home from haiti.

i wrote down a list of words that captured my feelings or thoughts. words like: quake, hope, soul, children, money, destruction destroy, immigrant, bones, blood, beginnings, civil, war, greed, start over, rescue, search, found, dead, lost, bury, emancipation, free, educate, safety, safe, help, pain, sadness, grief, stress, renew, resurrection, smile.

then i searched my iTunes and found songs that sounded the way i felt. i came up with this.

please don't think this was a linear, step-by-step process. all of the list making, searching, listening happened sychonistically.

cheryl and gracy picked me up from the airport last night and we drove straight to spa world. my head was a big swirly mess. gracy suggested finding a way to get the thoughts all out creatively: draw, sketch, etc . . . i don't really do those things. and i don't think writing would have done the trick the way making this mix helped me get some of the thoughts and feelings out and start to process it.

lemeno what you think . . .

the iMix deal only shows the songs you can buy from iTunes, so i have shared a photo of the full mix. there are a bunch of good songs missing from iTunes, turns out. to really see the full list you can double click the photo below and it will expand to a bigger, easier to read screen.

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