Friday, 9 April 2010

faces of haiti

it didn't take much time on the ground in haiti to realize that there is a big disconnect between reality and what makes it on the 24-hour news cycle. obviously, haiti is devastated. it is a disaster that redefines disaster. the magnitude is impossible to convey. i am sure i don't really get it.

but there is something beautiful and powerful going on there. there is a grace to the people i saw and met. i confidence in their faith for the future. they aren't confident in their leaders, nor are the confident in the donors. but they are confident in something powerful and good.

i decided that i was going to start taking photos of faces. most of them are of children. they are a bit easier to photograph (they are eager). still, despite all of the trauma and horror; the loss; grief; etc. there are lots of smiles, people laugh, hold hands, etc.

there is something about how life just continues after a disaster. there is a resilience in us. people eventually start going to work again, cleaning the house (or tent), eating, etc. kids are awesome because return seems to happen faster. though sometimes i think for them, they can be completely altered too. we won't ever know what the generation of children would have been like if the earthquake didn't happen. we do know, that after disasters, those who are school-aged, often grow-up to be less educated, more violent, less productive, and more addicted. hopefully we can intervene in meaningful ways that will normalize the trauma response; deal with the grief; and teach them to express anger in healthy ways.

in the meantime . . .


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KamilahNYC said...

what beautiful photos. I kinda wish there were more.