Tuesday, 27 April 2010

i love being a girl

my post and my experiences & conversations in kisumu has made me reflect on the video below. a friend (gracy) posted it on her blog and i stumbled across it a few months ago. i promptly made my entire office watch it. (one of the things i love most about my office is this video is the kind o thing that the whole office will stop working to watch, people will get chills, say amen, and it will prompt some awesome discussion about how we can change the world).

please watch it. i have watched it a number of times now and each time i feel more connected to the people around me and myself. its like a great big hug.

i think it also combats this weird socialization of the need to be neat. some innate need (german roots?) i have to tie things up with a pretty bow. i love that she is saying that being messy is part of the beauty of being alive. i am an emotional creature!

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