Wednesday, 19 May 2010

cannellini kapow

ingredient list:
* rancho gordo white runner cannellini beans (cooked)
* greens (i used a combo of kale, chard, and mustards . . . i think mustards were my favorite. you need a LOT! literally, use 10 times what you think is the right amount.)
* garlic
* fresh oregano
* slow roasted tomatoes and garlic
  • wilt greens with garlic in a med sized fry pan
  • add beans and coat with olive oil
  • saute until golden brown
  • sprinkle red pepper flakes and salt (& a tiny bit of cumin)
  • add tomatoes and roasted garlic (with any residual oil)
  • add balsamic vinegar until pan has about 1/8 " of vinegar
  • reduce
  • serve warm
  • serves as many as you make it for
these are the beans BEFORE they are cooked
i was too hungry
& for got to take a photo

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kimcolton said...

This is Wiggles for adults. :) Did Abe tell me about my dream about you? You opened a really awesome Orthodontist/Bowling Alley with a Starbucks kind of vibe. I think you should do it for reals.