Monday, 17 May 2010


there is NOT a place called kokomo! the beach boys lied to us.

i finally took the time to really investigate where kokomo was, because cheryl just got back from bermuda (which is a word that seems to want to be followed up with "bahamas come on pretty mama). i pulled out the atlas to see the exact location bermuda and then decided it was time to do the same for kokomo.

it is made up.

there is a kokomo, mississippi and a kokomo, indiana. neither of them are anywhere near water. for a minute i was hoping that the beach boys wrote kokomo about an island in the gulf. some weird way to encourage tourist to visit the red neck rivera. but nope, kokomo, is landlocked . . . pretty close to hattiesburg.
this is kokomo . . . indiana

so there you have it, just another falsehood being exposed here at stay tuned for more earth-shattering news.

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