Thursday, 3 February 2011

amazon book exchange

i just learned that amazon has a book, dvd, etc exchange. it seems like a really cool and very green idea, so i figured i'd share it here. it might be a nice thing to consider for your spring cleaning. :)

The Amazon Trade-In Program allows you to receive an Gift Card in exchange for your eligible items. Participation is simple. Here's how:

  1. Visit the desired trade-in store:
  2. Search for items eligible for trade-in.
  3. If your item is listed as eligible for trade-in and is in acceptable condition (see Determining Product Eligibility paragraph below), and you wish to sell/exchange your item at the displayed price, then click theTrade In button to add items to your trade-in shipment.
  4. Review your trade-in items and quantities.
  5. Make sure you read and agree to the Trade-In Program Terms, then click the Submit your trade-inbutton.
  6. Select or enter the address from which you ship your items and where items will be returned if they are not accepted.
  7. Select a shipping method from the available options: UPS Ground or U.S. Postal Service Media Mail. USPS Media Mail is not available for orders containing video game items.
  8. Ship your items as described below under Packing and Shipping Your Trade-in.
  9. After your submission is received and verified, you will receive an Gift Card deposited in your account.

You can view your submission history, status, and payment information in Your Account at by clicking the "Your Trade-In Account" link.

Trade-In Limits

You can add as many items to your trade-in submission as you want, with the following restrictions:

  • The total value of any single trade-in submission is up to $500. If you want to trade in items with a total value greater than $500, you'll need to make multiple trade-in submissions.
  • You can trade in up to a quantity of 2 identical items within any 3-month period. For example, if you submitted in one copy of a video game on January 1 and you submitted two more copies of the same video game before March 31, then you can trade-in the fourth copy on April 1.

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jweed said...

hey. that's a great find! thanks for the tip.