Saturday, 26 February 2011

pizzas for protestors

i was watching the rachel maddow show tonight and a democratic state senator mentioned that eqyptians are sending protestors in madison, wi pizza. what a great idea!

i think we should stand with those protestors. if you are like me, and can't actually go, then, LETS SEND THEM PIZZA ...

pizza brutta appears to serve a neapolitan pizza . . . will take pizza to them for you. 608.257.2120

ian's on state serves a more american style pizza and also will deliver . . . 608.257.9248

i think we all know they want beer and brauts more, "but don'tcha kneuw, pizza will do us jus' fine."

if you do order a pizza for the protesters, feel free to tell your story in the comments . . .

in case you want to see what prompted this pizza plea:

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