Monday, 21 February 2011

rice pudding -- comfort food!

last night after a perfect batch of curry . . . i should probably share that recipe here too . . . the dinner party ended and i was hungry and came up with the recipe for rice pudding:

1 egg
1 cup milk
1t vanilla
2T brown sugar
1/4t salt
handful of raisins (or other dried fruit. i used gogi berries.)
handful of pistachios or cashews
1.5C of cooked rice
(all of these measurements are approximations because i just put stuff in until it seemed right

whip egg, milk, vanilla, sugar, and salt together . . .
put rice in a pot and pour milk/egg mixture over it
throw in the nuts and fruit
cook over medium heat for about 7 mins (just until it turns kinda custardy)


i should have taking a photo, but i didn't. still, it is so easy and so good. i had the leftovers for breakfast!

BTW, gogi berries are nightshades . . . WIERD

if anyone out there knows where i could get some cool illustrations like the study of the gogi berry to the right, i would LOVE to know. i love these!

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