Wednesday, 4 January 2012

DC's take on Mitt's Victory

i got this email today from a friend ... kinda summarizes most of the grumblings i hear at the bear ...
Money is going to be a major factor in this election, more than any previous year. The results of last night's Iowa caucus clearly show the impact of Super PAC money in our electoral process. It's been clear for the past year that Mitt Romney did not have the support to win in Iowa, but he was able to win last night by 8 votes because of his Restore Our Future Super PAC, which spent $2.8 million on negative ads in the final two months of the election. Nearly all of that money was dedicated to destroying Newt Gingrich, who had been the frontrunner. 
Restore Our Future will continue this same tactic in the remaining primary states until Romney and his secret funders have bought the nomination. They will then attempt to do the same thing in the general election, with the help of other Super PACs like American Crossroads, which may spend half a billion dollars. If we're going to have a shot at countering this unchecked anonymous spending, we're all going to have to contribute what we can. We need to invest in our ground game, and do our best to counter the lies that our opposition will be spreading about the President
seems like we need to be more like gandhi and use our voices.  that guy never had money and he liberated india from her oppressors and helped millions of indians now enjoy a middle class.  i've never met an indian who wasn't extremely proud of gandhi.  he started his "community organizing" in south africa.  this is a clip from the movie sony did about him showing his first protest.

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