Sunday, 29 April 2012

mitt and the objectifying of humans beings ;)

mitt has been accused of many things.  i think it would suck to be a politician because people feel like they can just say whatever they want about you.  one becomes the scapegoat for many other's ire.  s/he start to represent what others hate in their parents or grandparents and 'what is wrong with society today'.  there are lots of things that could be fun about politics, but its the transference that would suck the most.

in part because you know that people are going to see your true self too.

i'm dedicating this song to you brother romney:

when you become a public figure you are opening up all of your wounds to the world ... these days.  so every weakness you have will be known to the entire world, should you ever have a momentary lapse of reason ... kaputz.  so, public figures really are doing their best to keep themselves prudent and patient and kind.  what you are seeing in public is the best shadow or version of the wo/man.  if you are in that kind of light for too long eventually we actually do kinda know you.  we know your real strengths and real weaknesses.

this is what it seems like i know about mitt ... and this is why i not only won't vote for him, but i feel like my church cannot withstand having both of us claiming to be members.  one worships ayn rand and one worships Christ.  you be the judge.  i don't know that mitt has been out about actually being a mormon.  has anyone asked mitt if he is a mormon?  

i don't think mitt actually believes in mormon doctrine. i would love to hear mitt bear his testimony.  does he attend church on sundays?  does he campaign on sundays?   does his staff work on sunday?  

here is what i know about mitt and why i wonder if we really believe in the same doctrine:
  • he denies the human capacity for altruism
  • he sees life as wholely linear.  it begins. it ends. its finished.  this life is not important. 
  • for romney the purpose of life is to get as much money and power as we can and then when we die we can leave money and power to our children 
  • to romney wealth is evidence of work and goodness -- poverty is evidence of weakness, laziness, and sinfulness
  • to mitt the perfect form of human is a robot without feelings -- he tries, you can tell.  he really wants to feel something, but he really just can't (emotional constipation); and yet something tells him not to feel.  seems like he is trying so hard to please everyone that he has no idea who he is or what he believes.  
  • humans are of no value -- to mitt human beings are sometimes invisible inconsequential collateral that have to be paid periodically to keep them from getting too restless.  sometimes you just have to fire or kill the ones that you don't like.  ESPECIALLY if they aren't american.  if you are born in another country, you better watch your back because in Mitt Romney's america we can conceal a weapon, pull you over under a citizen's arrest to question your immigration status.  if you don't look right or you aren't at the right place at the right time, i might have to kill you ... sometimes you just have to stand your ground, right mitt?  and when people start going from one place to another without permission, you have to wonder ... why aren't you white?  only white people who are rich can do that???!!! right?  
  • he has impotency issues --  i'm pretty sure that the reason mitt and bill o'reily think you have to take a "contraception pill" each time you want to take pleasure is because they don't know how or can't it take pleasure without a pill. -- probably one of the sadder revelations into the personal lives of 2 of the GOP favorite dudes.  i hope some sex therapist out there sends both of them some books.
  • only heterosexual romantic love really matters -- even though he was a missionary teaching people the Word for 2.5 years in paris, when he talks about his service he says the best time of his life in france was with his wife.  how many missionaries feel this way?  i've known missionaries from every faith you can imagine, all of them understand the sacredness of the love one can feel for a community.  did you miss how powerful it is to love an entire community?  
  •  any true missionary, from any faith or purpose, knows that there is something sacred and special about that time as a missionary.  the singleness in mission and focus.  the camaraderie -- its like being the military.  in fact, we sang songs that were pretty Sousa style.  missionaries from every church, and volunteers around the world can testify that there is a power of love that comes from being in the service of your fellow beings that is a wee bit transcendent.  not that romantic love isn't also amazing, but to demean the love of service and the love of God that way only means you don't understand it.  
  • mitt believes that religious proselyting is community service.  if you exclude ecclesiasitcal work, mitt has done no service.  if you look at his charitable giving, it is primarily to his proselyting buddies ...

this isn't exhaustive, but most obvious.

so ... maybe this is the problem.  this is how this poor fellow is perceived. i'm sure it isn't all true, it just seems like this is what we know ... maybe, depeche mode,  people hate people because we start to focus on what is different about us rather than what we have in common.

instead of building on common beliefs, we tear each other down like crabs in a bucket.  we don't have to do it like this.  mitt probably has some interesting economic ideas ... heaven knows tim geithner could use some help!

could this stay about the issues or is this going to get pushed into the world of mud like crazy?  remember peeps, "rolling around in the muck was never the best way of getting clean."  

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