Saturday, 21 April 2012

the spaces between

i've been hoping mormons would stand up and show who they really are.

we are not mitt romney!

we believe that only people are people.  that people have infinite worth.  worth more than money and power for sure.  corporations, including our own vertical vatican, are abstractions of man. designed to remind us of the order of God ... in mysterious ways. (or maybe just keep power ... i'm not sure.)

a few mormon friends have started making videos expressing their take on the state of our country.

we want this election to be about real issues.  ending the wars; protecting children; helping restore the country to its greatness; getting healthy and happy; etc.

some do it to steer the election away from "faith flavor of the month" and focus it on defining America's valus.

others really want to end the painful mormon bashing.  personally, i'd love the national bullying-fest against mormons to stop.

here are some real mormons speaking on the "Far Between" campaign.  i'm not totally sure where the campaigns name comes from.  my take on it come from professor sullivan taught that we "are in relationship to".  basically:
  • i smell good, when i smell better than you and everyone around me.  
  • i'm slow,  when i run with people faster than me 
  • i'm dumb, when i hang out with people smarter than me.  
since human conflict is mostly about gaps of understanding between people, i'm happy they started from a wide chasm.  enjoy ... more to come, i hope :)

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