Sunday, 1 April 2012

Salatti endorses Biddle

Dear Friends and Neighbors:
Many, many people have asked me who to vote for in the May 15th Ward 5 Council special election.  As important as that election is (and I will announce my endorsement shortly), we another, just-as-important election this week.  I am talking about the April 3rd primary for At-Large Councilmember.  Because we in Ward 5 know better than residents in any other ward the dire need of elected officials who are going to put you ahead of their own interests and those of the select few, I am asking you to join me in voting for Sekou Biddle for Councilmember At-Large on Tuesday. I am supporting Sekou for two basic reasons. 
First, I believe that he has the organization and the reach around the city to win this election.
Second, I know he will provide the leadership on the DC Council that we need.  I know Sekou will make rebuilding the public trust a priority through real ethics and campaign finance reform.  Sekou is also committed to bringing the focus back on to the pressing issues that affect our lives every day such as education, public safety, jobs and affordable housing. Sekou was recently endorsed by the Washington Post and the North West Current. I know from my service in the community how vital the issues of schools are to so many of our neighbors.  A lifelong education advocate, Sekou grew up in Columbia Heights and graduated from DC Public Schools.  After teaching in classrooms in New York and Atlanta, he came back home because he wants to ensure that all students in DC have the same opportunities he did when he graduated from Wilson Senior High School.  With over 18 years of public education experience, including eight years in the classroom, Sekou has clearly demonstrated his commitment to improving the lives of District students and their families. Sekou is committed to representing all residents, regardless of our ward or neighborhood as an at-large member should.  He has experience working across the District, both as the Director of Community Outreach for the KIPP DC Public Charter Schools and as a member of the State Board of Education.  I know his dedication to public service will benefit all of us as an At-Large Councilmember. There are many more reasons why Sekou should be our next At-Large Councilmember than I can fit in just one email. I encourage you to look at his campaign website for more information about Sekou, his priorities, and his plans for ethics, education, jobs, public safety, affordable housing, and more.  I am happy to answer any additional questions about why I believe he should be the next councilmember.  He has been endorsed by the DC Chapter of the National Organization for Women and received the highest rating from the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance of Washington, DC in the at-large council race. Please join me at the polls on April 3, 2012, to demand we do better than our current elected officials by voting for Sekou Biddle for Councilmember At-Large. At your service,John Salatti Together, Building a Better Bloomingdale (and Eckington)

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