Wednesday, 16 October 2013

how sinister is the shutdown?

i can't shake the feeling that someone is betting to win financially on a US default.  this type of economic upheaval always benefits someone ... or so it seems.  so, who is beating against America on this one?

congressman are living off the government but punishing those of us who work.  these guys just hang out like a fraternity in high school, with free fancy dinners, private dorm, a high dollar gym, amazing health insurance, and they make 4x's the average american.

in this 5 minute video, Congresswoman Speier explains clearly some of the damage the shutdown has had on our domestic security:

DC seems to have become the axis for the vortex of the global economy.    cranes dot the skyline as they elevate it to heights l'enfant warned Americans to avoid.  we are selling national treasures to the most mediocre of bidders, destined to pay the highest bribe rather than contribute the most good.  (btw -- sign this petition to help stop the selling of these treasures)

vince gray (this is a primer to his (& posse) scandals) is using this time of chaos to perform a heroic hail mary before he is indicted for selling the city to the sleaziest of bidders.  the man has promised to create the greenest world capital, but has appointed a zoning commision who insist on a 3 story underground parking garage for every high rise they build.

someone is gaining something from all this ... who is it?

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