Wednesday, 9 October 2013

waking up

waking up out of this darkness ain't easy.

it requires a full turn.  a whole new type of vulnerability. the type of vulnerable, when you are completely/entirely seen, known, understood, and beloved.

it seems to also require the seeing of the invisible.  not just seeing "them", but ensuring that they too are completely/entirely seen, known, understood, and beloved.

the turns brings about peace.  first from within and then can be spread out.  peace will reign one day.
in order for it to happen, we first have to believe such a day is possible.  then decide that not only is it possible, it's inevitable.  then do your duty to make the inevitable, reality.

frankl talked of an ability to find peace in the concentration camps.  peace and joy run so much deeper than circumstance.  the patience can last an eternity, or it can seem, because once there is peace and joy you hold eternity in the moment.

i saw my good friend lora's brother today.  seeing erik was wonderful.  it reminded me so much of a time in my life that was full of hope and surety not only that a better day was coming, i was going to help build it.  i was so excited about this adventure we were all on to build a peaceful world.

life can start again.  i believe in resurrection and i believe some resurrecting can happen now.  i believe it is, in part, a return to the pure and true self.  the hopeful, optimistic, compassionate, forgiving, happy-go-lucky, fun-loving, jovial, trusting, creative, honest, true self.

seems like it shouldn't be such a hard task.  but right now, finding all this hope and happy is pretty tricky.

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