Saturday, 11 October 2008

mccain, temperment, and the keating five

as i mentioned earlier, my step-mom worked for mccain's 1986 senatorial campaign as his P.R. person. he was incredibly hot tempered and unstable. my dad, after associating with mccain a couple of time, concluded that mccain was unstable and motivated by greed and power.

i got this email from her yesteday. i know it was a big deal for her to send it. she doesn't like personal politics and has been reticent of using her experience to pin mccain down...

Dear family and friends,

I suspect you are as ‘fried’ as I am by political debates, advertisements and pundit opinions. But try as I might, I can’t talk myself out of forwarding this video. I have personally seen and been a recipient of John McCain’s temper. Regardless of party affiliation I think it’s important you know this fact before making the monumental decision of choosing the next leader of the United States.



the whole keating five thing has bugged me forever. i was a kid in AZ when that whole thing was going down, and i have never understood how the dude at the center of the savings and loan debacle ended up staying in the senate. then...he became the republican presidential nominee. such a far cry from washington, adams, jefferson, etc. they used to be noble. anyway, i am glad to see they are trying to help people see that mccain is not the guy you want leading the country out of a financial crisis. i am certain he will just line his pockets with kickbacks somehow...

well watch this...keating economics

if you still can't decide, check this out...rolling stone's cover story: make believe maverick.
it is scathing, and there is no question that the author is biased, but it seems to be one of the only times any of mccain's claims to maverickness have been challenged. he had made himself untouchable, and somehow created a narrative that to question his character is unpatriotic. i just don't thin it is the case. if my dad is right, there is something about mccain's mental health that is not fit to be the president...

or what about this...

i guess i am just so sick of all this baloney about obama being dangerous...i am just not sure how guilt by association is more believable than guilt by actual participation. i mean, i know people in prison. i know people that have done horrible things. i also know people who have done wonderful things. does that mean i am like them. i am horrible? i am an inventor? it just means i know someone...

then if this guilt by association is legit, what about sarah palin's husband's involvement with the alaska independence party?

if you are planning to vote for him, please think about what it would mean to have someone so hot headed at the negotiating table with foriegn leaders. someone so selfish at the negotiating table with business leaders. the next president will have to rebuild our economy and move us towards energy independence. what kind of leader do you choose?

i am going to try to not have more posts like this... i'd rather stay positive, especially with things being the way they are...but i guess i just couldn't help myself. i am too fired up.

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