Friday, 10 October 2008

Soksabai, Cambodia!

We're back in Hong Kong. So sad to leave Cambodia, but so excited about our 15 hours on a plane coming up!

We were lucky to find a sushi restaurant in the Hong Kong International Airport. Sushi, as you all know, is the best meal for air travel, triathlons, and birthdays.

okay, so this all merits an explanation.

Our flight from Hong Kong landed at JFK in New York at about 10:30, after the last flight to Washington. So we bought our ticket back to Washington for the next morning, thinking that we'd just sleep in the airport chapel. When we arrived, Kimberly was ready to take a train home, or get a room in a hotel nearby--anything but try to sleep at the airport.

I thought those options were too expensive. I am so stupid. Turns out that the airport chapels are all locked at night.

We walked around JFK looking for a comfy place to sleep in a total jet-lagged daze all night long.

we slept on the floor for about a half hour.

this is me, $100 richer, but much much sadder.

well, folks, the good news is that we made it home. Kimberly's garden went bananas while we were gone, and she had a bunch of squash this long waiting for her at home.

So that's our trip to Cambodia. I can't wait to see where in the world Michael, Thomas, or Jolanta end up on the mission.


deidra said...

Looks like it was a great trip.

That is one crazy squash! Glad it wasn't a zucchini!

Abraham said...

I totally feel your pain...I arrived at JFK once at like 11:30, missing my flight back to I decided to take the train.....I called amtrak and bought a ticket over the phone, then I took a taxi to the train station (I think the ticket was 80 bucks or something).....when I got to the train station, I only had a 100 dollar bills, and the driver was a real jerk "didn't have any change", and there was no place open for me to change it....soooo, there went 100 bucks for the taxi. Then the train to DC didn't leave until I think 3AM, so I sat in that really gross waiting lounge for 3 hours, just to take the slow train back to DC, which arrived at like 9, if I would have just gone to a hotel and flown on the next flight to DC, I would have spent less money, been more rested, and been back to DC and hour earlier!!!

KamilahNYC said...

lame. you should have just come to hotel cole!